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"Independent as they are, cats find more than pleasure in our company..."

  Lloyd Alexander




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  • It's a Cats Life - A Canadian man has left a fortune to his beloved cat in his will. 79-year-old Batchelor David Harper made his fortune by working hard and living fruga...more
  • 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Cats - 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Cats Myths and misinformation exposed - many things we think we know turn out not to be true, here are 10 things...more
  • Grouse seeks mouser - Bosses at the Famous Grouse distillery in Crieff, Perthshire are searching for a successor to Towser, the world record-breaking mouse catcher who sadl...more
  • Why do cats Purr? - For as long as there have been domestic cats, possibly longer, one question has come up time and time again - Why do Cats Purr? To this day, no one ca...more
  • An American Cat in France - Emily the cat got the chance to accumulate some Air-Miles last month when she stowed away on a transatlantic boat ride to France, as Continental Airli...more

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