Dougal and the Pink Cat

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Anyone who was lucky enough to be a child of the 70s will remember the seminal Magic Roundabout spin-off movie 'Dougal and the Blue Cat' (A personal favourite of mine, it has to be said)

In a similarly intriguing and no less confusing mystery an all white cat, Brumas from Bratton Clovelly in Devon, has been found dyed pink.

After an inspection by the vet, who determined that the cat is in perfect health, no explanation can be found. Paint has been ruled out, as there is no sign of matting in the fur.

"He was pink - Barbie pink. His head, ears and right down his body, although not underneath, had gone a quite brilliant pink." Said owner Mrs Worth

"We went to the vet on Saturday, but they couldn't find any reason for it, although they decided it wasn't toxic, which was what I was worried about."

Mr Worth added: "We have thought about everything as to how this happened, from him being covered in some form of cow treatment to children's poster paints, but we have no clue where he was that could have caused this to happen."

Mrs Worth added: "He seems fine, he's eating well and the other cats aren't terribly bothered."

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