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Fergus and Merlin's Gallery

Fergus and Merlin hanging out together Name Fergus and Merlin
Age 6 and 5
Breed 'Moggy
These are our cats, Fergus (tabby) and Merlin (ginger), both boys, both moggies.

Fergus is almost six and Merlin is almost five. Fergus loves to eat and Merlin loves to love! Both our boys are very affectionate and loving. They also drive us mad at times.

Fergus tries to steal our dinner and Merlin wakes us up with slimy, wet kisses - usually at the crack of dawn!

Fergus loves cooked vegetables, especially boiled potatoes. He'll pretty much have a go at anything. He's been known to eat chocolate raisins, green beans, bombay mix, spiders, in fact just about anything and everything.

Merlin mostly just sticks to his cat food. He likes the occasional piece of raw chicken or a bit of tuna. What Merlin loves most is his mummy. He's possibly the most affectionate cat I've ever known.

Almost every night before I go to sleep, he wriggles under the covers for a little cuddle. Most mornings, he wakes me up by rubbing his cold, wet nose on my forehead. He just wants to be loved.

Incidentally, Fergus thinks the Purr is the greatest thing since catnip.

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Merlin the ginger tom looking very regal
A great picture of Merlin looking very regal

Fergus the tabby cat checks out the camera
Fergus Checking out the camera

Fergus the tabby cat and Merlin the ginger tom hanging out together
Fergus and Merlin hanging out together

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