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Buster's Gallery

Buster the tabby cat Name Buster
Age 6
Breed 'Tabby
Personality:Confused...I think Buster is confused as to if he is a cat, a dog, or a person. He has his own room in the house and his own pillow and spot to sleep in our bed. He gets up on his hind legs like a dog and begs either for something special or just to be held. He loves to go out in the backyard on his leash and play like a dog does too. He is the most loveable and patient cat when it come to my two toddler boys. He cuddles with them, gives them kisses, and even follows them around the house. He runs off with their little trains and dinosaurs and plays with them. Oh, and he is huge...20 pounds. He is truly a pleasant and playful part of the family.

Buster the tabby cat with his baby brother
Buster taking on his role of big brother

2 tabby cats playing on the bed
Buster and Zoey (my mother's kitty) wrestling

Buster the tabby cat - too big to fit in his house with a scratching post
Buster too big to fit in his house but still loves it.

Buster the tabby cat sitting with his young friend
My 3 year old and Buster

Buster the tabby cat shows off his belly
Begging for attention the day we brought our first son home from the hospital

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