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Plush Bed (20in. Rodeo Design)

Danish Design Leather Look Rodeo Cat Bed - Soft thick and very warm, your cat is sure to love it!

The Danes know a thing or two about keeping warm. Which is why, I imagine, these beds feel like a duvet so thick you could go camping on it.

These superb quality cat beds from Danish Design are the height of luxury for any cat, and really, if we could get human sized ones I'd have ordered one already!

This is the Rodeo design, which is a soft cotton/polester with a leather like pattern.

This is the 20" (51cm) version which would be suitable for larger cats, also available in 16" medium size for smaller to average sized cats.

Also available in Tartan 16" and Tartan 20"

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Price: £27.99 - Plush Bed (20in. Rodeo Design)
Estimated UK Postage : £5.27

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