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Cradle Cat Scratcher and Hammock Bed

Faux fur covered A-frame dual cat scratcher and hammock bed

The Cradle Scratcher is a faux-fur covered A-frame featuring a hammock style cat bed, a great hiding/watching/pouncing platform and two sisal cat scratching mats and all in one fantastic activity centre.

Two pieces of carpet covered wood held in place by a smaller third piece makes the main part of the structure, with the outer surfaces having a large area of sisal matting for scratching.

Giving alternative heights and different angles for your cat to scratch will help provide a complete range of options for their scratching needs, as well as helping to get them in the right mindset for not scratching up your furniture.

The hammock is also a popular style of cat bed these days, with many cats preferring these to the more traditional padded cushion style cat beds.

Approximate measurements:

  • A-frame 64cm/25in tall
  • A-frame 25cm/10in deep
  • A-frame 76cm/30in wide
  • Platform 45cm/18in high
  • bed hangs 5cm/2in from floor

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Price: £21.79 - Cradle Cat Scratcher and Hammock Bed
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