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Cat Scratching Post and Platform

Blue carpet and sisal covered cat scratching post and platform

My cats tell me that this sisal scratching post and platform has more to it than meets the eye.

Sure, the base is covered with tough carpet perfect for scratching at. Of course it has a sturdy sisal rope covered post; And obviously the platform has the same solid construction and high quality materials as the rest of the construction, but apparently thereís more to it than that.

The reason this post is so excellent, my cats tell me, is that the platform is the perfect place to spy on ďthe lesser life formsĒ that live around my house.

Iím not sure who they mean by lesser life forms, but either way, they think this post is a great place to hang out.

Itís just tall enough to give a good vantage point, but low enough to not be on display to the world. Itís also a pretty good place to have a game of Paff with another cat, should such a place be required.

Approx. scratching post measurements:

  • Base 35cm/14in square
  • Post 42cm/16.5in tall
  • Platform 18cm/11in square

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Price: £17.49 - Cat Scratching Post and Platform
Estimated UK Postage : £10.00

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