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Ancol Cat Scratching Post & Toy (Blue)

Blue carpet covered scratching post with toy mouse

Ancol is one of the leading brands of cat products, and the quality of their cat scratching posts demonstrates why.

The Premo Deluxe has a sturdy carpet covered wooden base with a carpet covered scratching post. Atop the post is a simple mechanism for the toy mouse to hang from, allowing 360 degrees of movement.

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This is the Blue version, as pictured.

Please note: Due to an imminent catalogue update by our supplier, this colour is currently subject to availability and another colour may be supplied unless you instruct us otherwise.

Long Term Out of stock

We are currently out of stock of this product and do not have an anticipated restocking date.

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Price: £15.99 - Ancol Premo Cat Scratching Post & Toy (Blue)
Estimated UK Postage : £7.92

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