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Cat Play Tunnel (Large)

Large cat play tunnel in pink and purple urban cammoflage

All cat owners know that most cats can't resist a cardboard box or a cupboard; well this cats play tunnel activates the same instincts. Made from tough crinkle material, the tunnel can cope with fervent play from the most enthusiastic tunneller.

This is the Large, which is 130cm/51in long and has two ‘pounce holes’ with an irresistible fluffy toy hanging in each. Tempting them to pounce into or through the tunnel is sure to entertain both of you for hours, and the tunnel doesn't make a bad place for a sleep* when they’ve worn themselves out either.

* for them, not for you!

The tunnel folds flat when not in use and has a diameter of 25cm/10in

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Price: £12.87 - Cat Play Tunnel (Large)
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