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Extra Large Cat Scratching Post

Extra Large sisal covered scratching post with toy mouse, ideal for larger or older cats

Our Extra Large Cat Scratching Post has a large sturdy carpet covered wooden base with a taller and wider sisal covered scratching post.

The extra height is ideal for larger cats, for obvious reasons, but some regular size cats also like to scratch at a different height than normal posts allow for - this is certainly the case for one of ours.

This double height scratching post is also ideal for older cats who may have arthritis and can't flex their back or legs enough to get a proper stretch on a standard size scratching post.

The thicker scratch post satisfies those cats who really like to grab hold of whatever they are scratching, and the wide base makes the whole setup sturdy enough to handle the extra vigour.

Approx. scratch post measurements:

  • Post 80cm/31.5in tall
  • Post 13cm/5in wide
  • Base 52cm/20.5in square

If you are one of the many cat owners who has previously bought a scratching post only to have it ignored in favour of the sofa, then you need to read our free guide called 'Teach Your Cat to Prefer the Post' . To get a copy, simply sign up for our free Mews-letter.

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Price: £24.99 - Ultima Extra Large Cat Scratching Post
Estimated UK Postage : £10.00

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Kelly Hopkins said: i was loking for an oversize scratch post to suit my oversize cat. this is just what i needed. none of the regular ones seems to be big enough for him.