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Pet Mitt Grooming Glove

Pet Mitt Smooth n Stroke Grooming Glove Brush

We’ve raved about these in our mews-letter, and lamented the end of their production, but now they’re back, and they’re as good as ever!

The Pet Mitt is a mitten with a rubber brush on one side and a velvet smoothing pad on the other, and is simply unlike any other grooming tool we’ve tried.

We had seen these advertised by JML and they sounded excellent, so we quickly got hold of one and set to work on the nearest moggy. (There’s always one near by around here!)

Unfortunately we were initially a somewhat underwhelmed. Rags liked the attention (of course) but we didn’t get much fur out, and because we only sell products we believe in, this one went in a cupboard and got forgotten.

The late in the following summer Rags came in covered in dust and leaf litter on the day we happened to be having a clear out and happened to have the pet mitt on the top of the pile. Luckily for us, the Pet Mitt got another go.

Also luckily for us, Rags seemed to enjoy the fuss even more than usual, so even though initially nothing seemed to be happening we kept going. After a few minutes and without warning an avalanche of fur started coming out.

Really, more fur than any other brush we’ve tried. So much so that by the end it looked as if Rags had been on a serious diet!

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Price: £7.49 - Pet Mitt Grooming Glove
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Jo said: I'm so glad you have these back in stock - I wore my last one out with grroming the cats and de-furing the carpet and was gutted when you stopped selling them!!