Cat Picture Gallery

Here we have our gallery of cute or funny cat pictures for your entertainment. (as well as our own!!)

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The Cats

Fuzz the Ginger Tom Name Fuzz
Age 12
Breed Moggy
Fuzz is a laid back cat. He loves his box and his catnip mat.

Buster the tabby cat Name Buster
Age 6
Breed Tabby
Personality:Confused...I think Buster is confused as to if he is a cat, a dog, or a person. He has his own room in the house and his own pillow and spot to sleep in our bed. He gets up on his hind legs like a dog and begs either for something special or just to be held. He loves to go out in the backyard on his leash and play like a dog does too. He is the most loveable and patient cat when it come to my two toddler boys. He cuddles with them, gives them kisses, and even follows them around the house. He runs off with their little trains and dinosaurs and plays with them. Oh, and he is huge...20 pounds. He is truly a pleasant and playful part of the family.

Rudy and Tipper
Rudy the Siamese cat loves Tipper the rabbit! Name Rudy
Age 2
Breed Persian, Himalayan and Siamese
I actually found him at my Grandma's house when he was a kitten. He's an amazing cat, with a weird personality. For starters, He's best friends with my pet rabbit Tipper. They play like they're both cats. And he'll even cry cuz he wants in the rabbits cage with him sometimes.

Blackie and Queenie
Blackie and Queenie - two inseparable cats Name Blackie and Queenie
Breed Moggy
Blackie was from the cat rescue centre a badly treated animal that i took on he was starting to come around when Queenie was passed on to me as a kitten of under 8 weeks old unwanted wet and dumped. The interaction of the two was totally amazing he adopted her. They are now inseperatable and follow each other everywhere. Each in turn has bought the best out of each other. Blackie no longer afraid of the slightest movement unable to play an nervous animal. Now playful kind and generous nature. If a cat is injured outside or hurt he always brings them to the back door to be looked after which I take to be a compliment to the trust he has built up over the year.

Queenie is just all gusto and very inquisitive she works out everything a small cat that doesnt seem to get larger but the vet said some cats are just that way. But she is the one that has got Blackie more mobile and playful so they are the best.

Tabby the friendly rescue cat Name Tabby
Age 2ish
Breed Moggy
Kitten came to us in October last year having spent 4 months recuperating in the vets. She had been hit by a car and no-one came to claim her so she was offered to us. She's not a manx - she had her tail amputated!

An extremely relaxed cat, she spends most of her day asleep in the wardrobe. She's so laid back that you can turn her upside down and all she does is purr... She's also a cheek beggar and manages to get away with far too much mischief.

Exotic Shorthair Persian cat napping Name HACKED BY R3V3N4NT
Age 2
Breed Exotic Shorthair - Persian
Hugo thinks he is a dog, and follows me around the house every where I go. Everywhere I am... Hugo is there. He dislike Vacuum cleaner noise, cleaning eyes and ears, especially the absence of brushing. Very affectionate and love attention. He is a chatter box, talks constantly. He loves to be brushed. If I ignore him he will roll over, show me his tummy, telling me he is waiting to be brushed...

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