Cat Picture Gallery

Here we have our gallery of cute or funny cat pictures for your entertainment. (as well as our own!!)

If you would like your cat included in the Cat Picture Gallery please email us, if we use it you'll win a free bottle of Purr... See Below

The Cats

Puffy the Ginger Tom Cat looking Cute Name Batman and Puffy
Age 3 and 2 respectively
Breed Moggy
Batman is shy around anyone else besides his owner and lazy but loves to look out the window for hours. Puffy is loving, very playful, extremely friendly, a little annoying cause he can never get enough love

gue hacker
Austin the Tortie cat - Picture Gallery Name Austin
Age 5
Breed Tortie
A real Lap cat, not averse to bringing in the odd mouse, sleeps for about 20 hours a day and enjoys curry and steak! Oh, and as cute as a button!

Win a Bottle of Purr

Simply email us with some photos and the other info listed below for use in the Cat Picture Gallery. If we use your submission you'll win a 10ml bottle of Purr* ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Successful entries should include : -

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Minimum of 3 clear Photos,
  • Minimum size of 300 pixels wide
  • A description of the cats personality
  • Address to send the Purr to!!
  • Captions (optional)

*1 prize per household limit


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